Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sneaking in before the end of June ...

whew! Just made it! And yes Kip, I have been a very bad, bad blogger. I shall go sit on the naughty step just as soon as I've finished posting!

Still absence makes the heart grow fonder ... yeah right ... worth a try though. I have not been out doing exciting things, having a life, going off the rails. No I've been working, sulking, snivelling and all approximately in that order.

There have of course been highlights and this wee collection from my best Mermaid Friend Jules certainly cheered up the letterbox. Just MadCowDelicious!! Thank you my friend!

Too I have even gone further than to just look at all my scrap supplies and have started a project! This one from the "Paper Pesto" June kit - a long way from finished but just something to show you that I haven't been completely idle. I am loving the Paper Pesto stuff and can't wait for next months kit. They sure do pack them with exciting stuff! Their site is here and their blog with little "tempters" for the July kit is here. It will eventually be our "girls own" cookbook. Recipes (and photos) from my great grandmother, grandmother, mother, me and my neice. Five generations and starting with a "Jessie" and ending with another "Jessie". What could be sweeter.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I just adore this girl!