Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some Christmas Photos

If I was a good girl and if I was clever, I would work out a fancy schmancy way of putting up these photos ... but today I am neither good nor clever. Just a woman that has to go back to work tomorrow and with still a weeks worth of chores to do in 24 hours!!

Despite the work thing hanging over me it has been a really good Christmas. As usual I forgot to take any photos on Christmas Day although He Who Shall Not Be Named might say that is a good thing. With not a bit of tinsel in sight and a cooked breakfast instead of Christmas Dinner it was hardly glamorous but it was nice. We made a concerted effort to make sure that not one chocolate had the chance to go stale and the couch got a lot of attention. I know I said I wanted to watch crap tv all day but I didn't think SKY TV would take me so seriously. Either the dish or the little boxy thing are giving out and the only channels we could get all day were showing stuff like the Chelsea Flower Show or ... oh that's right, that's all we could get!

The highlights of course were time spent with friends. The Christmas Eve Cocktail Party at Gina & Ambrose's

the Boxing Day BBQ at Leonie & Les's
and the Happy the Day After Dinner at Neru & Gary's. Who could wish for more?


Blogger Jules said...

And you might as well have been here with us too since E and I talked about how much we missed you!!!

3:13 AM  
Blogger Maria said...

Looks like a perfect Christmas to me!

8:42 AM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Sounds like a great Christmas.

7:43 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Great blog and well written :-)Love the photos!


9:00 AM  

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