Monday, October 15, 2007

Now Here's A Review... I really do want a good Xmas Pressie!

A review from Library.Journal.Com
"Silver, Burton & Martin O’Connor. Everything He Hasn’t Told You Yet: A New Way To Get Men Talking About Stuff That Matters Ten Speed: Celestial Arts Oct. 2007. c.384p. ISBN 978-1-58008-886-2. pap. $14.95. SELF-HELP
Observing that men will communicate when they’re put in a scenario that’s moving, challenging, and unthreatening, New Zealand–based writers Silver (Why Cats Paint) and O’Connor (Golf Without Guilt) developed this book of icebreakers to help women get their men to reveal what makes them tick. Intended to be read by couples together, the 150 hypothetical situations offer exercises that suggest, among other things, to ask men to choose between architecture and acrobatics as a career choice and detail plans for escaping from an island on fire. A psychological key for understanding responses follows every situation. The scenarios are clever and fun and could be used as games for parties or family car rides. Hard to put down and highly recommended for all libraries."
Well there you go. Who knew!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Please make sure my brother buys me a good xmas present

The "good" Madcow Brother has written a book along with his friend Burton ... or is that Burton has written a book along with the "good" Madcow Brother? Who cares. Go buy it. Buy it and the Madcow might just get an exceptionally good Christmas present this year.

In fact go buy it and you will see it before the Madcow. The "good" brother title is waning as he seems to have forgotten to send his sister a copy, and as it's only released at this stage in the States you have a better chance of seeing it than I do. Some sisters might take their revenge by releasing hitherto unpublished photographs of the brother ... can we say little prince charming Marty? ... but no. The Madcow will be kind for at least another week until her copy arrives.

This is Marty

And this may or may not be Burton

It is a very clever book and the tests are really fun. God knows I should know having been "tested" for what seems years. (Thought to self - does that mean I'm entitled to a cut of the profits?)

Soon there will be a website devoted to the book but for now you can go visit here and did I mention that you should buy a copy? Come to think of it I may even buy a copy myself if it will teach me how to talk to some of the dorks at work.

The phrase "english as a second language" takes on many meanings when applied to the Madcow workplace at the moment. I seriously wonder what other language certain men in the office hear when they are told things. Perhaps something akin to the teacher in Charlie Brown. I hear "your work hours are 8am to 5pm". Dorks hear "blah blah blah". Don't start me on urgent applications or answering phones. Putting my name forward to be considered for the working party on pay equity is suddenly sounding rather interesting.

Love the poster from the latest PSA journal ...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Happy Birthday to He Who Shall Not Be Named!

Yes, 23 years ago today and he looked like a wee angel. Who knew!