Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Robert is flying home to Norway tomorrow. He shears with Blaire in Norway & this Christmas came out to NZ to visit and get a taste of kiwi shearing sheds.
Not only is he a shearer but also a professional glass blower - the Madcow Brother did comment one evening that it was a good thing that Robert never got the two jobs confused!
Here is a sample of his (glass) work ...

Saturday, January 12, 2008


No matter that I knew Jools had brought Eva down from the top paddock so she could keep an eye on her injured fetlock, I still got a little surprise to see her wander past the window ...
I couldn't help thinking I was living in some sort of Pippi Longstocking parallel universe! What was her horse called? Old Man? Of course this led to the long discussion about the reasons the 1969 TV version was the BEST and how Jools & I had both fantasised that we lived in Pippi's house and we too were the "Strongest Girl in the World" ... well, we were a little younger in those days and there are much worse things for young girls to aspire to.
It was a happy moment today when surfing for photos to find that you can still buy the original series on DVD. Now all I have to do is find it in the right zone!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Just one pic to whet your appetite! Even before I got to the Wairarapa people kept saying "Wait until you see the paddock of onions growing outside of Greytown!" Are they not just beautiful!