Friday, March 24, 2006

For the CK girls

I've been loving all the photos everyone has shared over the past couple of days and while we don't have any "together" I thought I'd throw this one into the pool.

While you're all "up and at 'em" in the morning when we chat this is the vision that "he who shall not be named" is greeted with as he comes in the door at midnight from a night on the town. The Madcow in her best penguin jamies, ready for bed and STILL on the internet! And yes, please don't tell the OOS people, but I always sit curled up on the chair to type. I tried for a more glamorous pose but HWSNBN said you could tell I was faking it! And let's face it there's not a lot of glamour with penguin jamies to begin with.

Can't wait to see all the "Last Day" LO's. I've earmarked Sunday to do mine.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Don't know about March being a "happy" month - perhaps more of a "hide under your rock" month instead? Still it's got to the point where even I'm sick of looking at the same whimpy little post below. Time for some new pics and an update on the month.

The Madcow Mother is back in hospital after an adventure with pain medication. Talk about Grannies on the "P"! I somehow feel I missed a golden opportunity to get her to sign the deeds of the house over to me and believe me, the day before she was admitted I think she would have! Either they have changed her meds or she has built a resistance to them but she is now a little more lucid and flirting with the male nurses, telling me I need to get my hair cut and "have you paid my power bill yet??" Somehow it was more fun when she was stoned.

He Who Shall Not Be Named was very proud that I managed to get an Evo in the foreground of this pic of the hospital. I just feel I've lived round a petrol head for far too long!

I continue to try and "downsize" the Madcow image but it remains a battle especially when dear Geeta decides to share the excitement of her new house by bringing "a little something for lunch" to the office. Curry, rice, salads, samosa, cakes .... and all Weight Watchers approved. Yeah, right. So much for my plan to convert the 18 points per day to 18 glasses of chardonnay later that night!

With all the ruffled feathers around lately about changing communities etc I am reminded daily by Geeta about the joy and experience that a "stranger" can bring to your life. She brings her culture, her family, her friendship to us and how easy it would have been when she entered our well established little group to have shut her out. Instead by listening & celebrating with her I have found a friend. We try everyday to enrich eachothers lives whether its Bollywood movies, bling, food to die for or coaching lessons on how to overcome Kiwi beauracracy gone mad. We are different and we are sisters.

I guess this month it has been important for me to recognise that and how hard it must have been for her to not only leave her homeland & family, but then to have to try and establish herself in a new community where people are more interested in pointing out the differences than finding the common ground. I had a small taste of it this recently when rather than getting to know me others decided to pack their bags and leave. It really shook my confidence for a little - to not even be given a chance. Sure loathe me once you get to know me but honest, I don't smell THAT much! Still, the good thing about being an old cow is the tough hide that comes with it and I'm trying to stomp down the hurt feelings and just get on with it. So bravo Geeta - you are indeed a courageous woman.

Continuing the cross-culture thing was our own little St Patricks day celebration and how much more "Irish" could you get with a guestlist of Kiwi's, Japanese & Irish. For now the girls will have to be "Yumi 1" and "Yumi 2" as I forgot to write down how to spell "Yumi 2's" real name and I would hate to offend by getting it wrong. We managed a few photo's before the Guinness got the better of us - enjoy!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March will be a "happy" month ...

(March calendar courtesy of Faye Gregory & KiwiScraps NZ - love those colours!)

Reading back over "February" all I can say is it's time for the Madcow to find her happy place I think! February was a tad grumpy don't you think?

This month Madcow will be happy. This month Madcow will be happy. This month Madcow will be ... oh forget it. I'm bored with it already! I think the Grumpy Old Cow is here to stay!