Sunday, August 19, 2007

For E & Jules

Look! I might not be able to cook but I assemble beautifully!

We took dinner out to Nehru & Gary's tonight - Nehru was the birthday girl so she shouldn't have to cook right! I was on "starters" and Leonie took coq au vin, vege mash, tiramasu and fresh fruit salad. We are now five fat pigs who will probably not need to eat until next week.

And after all my bitching about having nowhere to store all my serving dishes would you just look at Nehru's butler pantry. Perfection! I want one!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Things to make you feel better

Despite someone telling me that it wasn't cold enough for hyacinths to grow here I planted them anyway and ... ha! What's this honey? Scotch mist?
Then this morning, the total fashion statement in red parka and turquoise flowered gumboots, I was busy stomping through the garden in the rain swearing about ungrateful children still asleep in their beds while I hauled rubbish out to the kerb for the inorganic collection this week. As I slipped ever so gracefully into a waterfilled hole in the lawn I spied the pots under the tree with their first signs of colour. It may not be spring but at least it feels a little closer.