Saturday, September 29, 2007

Spring has Sprung!

My first Tulip up and there are plenty more on the way. Now all say "aaaahh".
These are my other little gems - I just don't know what they are. The photo doesn't show how blue they really are and they are the kind of thing you can just divide over and over each year. Mum planted them a few years ago and now there are patches all over the place. Any ideas?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Shoes, shoes, shoes ...

my name is Madcow and I am a shoe addict.

Well I was before I became a woman in my prime. Suddenly those little size 36 (US 6) suddenly wanted room to move, didn't like heels and discovered those unmentionable things ... bunions...ewwwwww! Then don't even go near that whole fat ankle situation.

Years, literally, sloping through all the malls trying to find the perfect shoe. By "perfect" we are talking anything that a woman in her prime can actually keep on her feet longer than 15 minutes without wondering outloud if the staple remover on the desk would be strong enough to amputate her toes. By "perfect" we mean something that might just, in a flattering light, look a little more elegant than her old Cherry Doc Martens in the closet. "Perfect" means anything you put on your foot that doesn't cause your foot, calve, thigh to suddenly collapse into spasms of cramp. Dream on.

Until of course today. Leonie heard an ad on the radio saying if you wanted comfortable shoes come to ... and then she kind of lost it. Radio ads are like that. Slippery bastards. But she persevered and finally caught the magic words "Royal Oak" and began sleuthing. Suddenly all roads led to "Aiden Footwear & Accessories". Nothing could stop us not even the police road blocks on Great South Road, a non-existant sense of direction or a road map that somehow didn't seem to include "Campbell Road". Well, ok so it did really but my thumb was on it at the time.

Needless to say we found paradise. Riekers, Viola, Stegmann, Vyn-tage ... and someone who actually wanted to sell us shoes! Not one "sigh" from our new best friend (who I am ashamed to say neither of us asked his name) as we spent over an hour trying on shoes. Instead someone who said "if you pick up shoes that will hurt your feet I'll just tell you to put them back down again". Someone who knew his product and how to sell it. Someone who sold six pairs of shoes between us ... and then referred us on to his wife's handbag shop downstairs! Oh we are in so much trouble!!

OMG! I just love Royal Oak Mall. Yes it's small. Yes it doesn't have all the whistles and stops of the big flash poncey malls ... but my, my, my does it have things I want to buy! I stopped at shoes but did do a bit of .. ok a big bit of ... shopping for the Madcow Mother. Found a little shop there called Black Pepper and spent about a weeks rent on some gorgeous summer outfits for her. More of that later when she's tried them all on but enough to say she has forgiven me for spending her money for her!

But just so you remember that Leonie & I aren't totally shoe snobs here are our best matching sloppers/slippers that she bought us last week
We're not really sure what it says on front .. probably "Sad Old Cows" but we don't mind really!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Baby

He Who Shall Not Be Named & Herself .. just for the "aunties"!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Christmas Time ... again

OK, so 1 September is meant to be the first day of spring and winter solstice was two and half months ago but when have we ever been on time for anything? It had all the elements that make a "real" Christmas. Everyone cooking for a week, enough food to feed several armies, gifts that defy description, a guest list that grew by the day, fairy lights, enough "bubbles" to gas up the nation, a "big" table and a "childrens" table, neighbours having to loan chairs and dishes ... in the big scheme of things it was perfect!

Of course there always has to be a "Failed Fairy" resplendant with wings and best fluffy slippers.

And a fairy needs friends - what's Christmas without a cracker & a reindeer and a friendly Christmas Tree? A Christmas pooch helps too, hats of every description and don't forget the "Wise Woman". There was a "girls" table and of course the traditional "men standing around the fire" thing going on ...

Like every good Christmas there has to be a Boxing Day. Champagne & chocolate for breakfast wearing our best jamies. Yes just like Christmas.