Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another weekend

The Madcow Mother (Les) came for the afternoon and we had our first "Ladies Card School". These are her first efforts
for St Patricks Day this week. They scanned a little wonky but you get the idea. I quite like her quirky little Kiwi St Patricks card that she made for my brother - the combination of shamrocks & Maori design fish hooks is just a little Irish don't you think!
This one is a friendship card - she got the idea from a book that Eva sent and I think she has done rather well.
She's taken some extra supplies back home with her and Eva's book. Hopefully the OT at the resthome will get the none too subtle hint that "this" is what she would like to be doing in the Craft Sessions rather than knitting peggy squares for no good reason! Next weekend I've promised we will start some Easter cards so I'd better dig out some ideas.
Must be a card kind of weekend - I got a lovely note from Kumi and along with some photos of our dinner the other night, was this gorgeous little bookmark she had made me. Isn't it beautiful!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Perfect Gift

Chris took this photo when he was up north (near Ahipara I think?) and when he left work on Friday gave me a framed copy. Robyn got a different shot also framed and we just adore them. A couple of Madcow friends doing what we enjoy the most ... a quiet walk on the beach putting the world to rights! I'll wait to hear from Jools as to where exactly to hang it. Goodness knows I had better not get that wrong! But thank you Chris - not only for the perfect gift (for someone who didn't even know about the Madcow thing, your instinct is pretty dammed good), but also for the inspiration of the past few months. I'm really proud to be able to say "I knew him when he was just a law student". I have no doubt what so ever .... Judge M is a given!

And introducing my new friend Kumi!

Is this not the cutest little thing you've seen! I refuse to put up the photo of the four of us "girls" until I've had at least one more gin (thanks Chris again!). HOW can this gorgeous girl be 46??? She looks such a baby!

Kumi has been a much welcomed visitor - an exchange teacher from Japan at Leonie's school and it was just a delight to meet her the other evening. I do so hope she will come back and visit with us again soon.

OK, so I've had another gin ... here we are. The Madcow may not be as glamorous as the other three but the four of us do share in the love of a good time. Cheers!